Model Agnostic

use it while its working/drop it when it's not

Some thoughts on coding, tools, music and stuff

To me it means that you should only use a mental model for as long as it's useful.

I think the the agile manifesto is a good example:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Working software over comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation


How to create a complex modular, scalable site in Drupal.

Drupal is not cool any more.

Drupal does have areas it excels in - large complex orgs and websites, e-commerce etc.

But large and complex sites are large and complex challenges?

Drupal developers often say "there is a module for that"...

I started a record label with my long time partner in crime Dan Gilbert. It's called Fine Acid Recordings.

The idea is that we build up a musicians co-operative with access to a variety of distribution meida, primarlily focused around BandCamp, but encompassing vinyl and all the streaming servic...

After doing a few months in React land where the code tooling is good and Vim isn't seen as the insane tool of a dilettante fool I got really used to being able to use to auto format code. Took a bit of setting up but once it was working all that tedious whitespace was sorted...


This is not a piece about a specific agency or organisation I have worked for, but rather an amalgam of various experiences I've had in the past, and as such does not represent a criticism of any individual organisation, but rather to highlight a tendency when working with remote teams:...

With the Band FOMO we have an analogue 303 clone (Future Retro Revolution) at the heart of the band, creating the Acid House flavour.

When using a 303 you soon come to understand that it's an instrument and the playing with the relationship between filter cutoff, env elope amount, accent and acc...