How to create a complex modular, scalable site in Drupal.

Drupal is not cool any more.

Drupal does have areas it excels in - large complex orgs and websites, e-commerce etc.

But large and complex sites are large and complex challenges?

Drupal developers often say "there is a module for that", only to find that although it will do what the client wants it does not do it the way they want it, or the way they have been sold it.

An obvious way to appoach this is to divide the menu into two - the ala cartè and the daily menu that has specific options. The specifc options are costed, the ala carte must be specced and calculated. Thus new ala carte options can become part of the daily menu.


Custom profiles with a series of custom 'feature' style modules encapsulating configuration.

Scalable - put on AWS with autoscaling