The outset

The I Ching says "Firmness at the outset." This is true with all building projects.

It's hard to establish new practice in an exisiting team because of three main things

  1. Thats not how we do it
  2. They don't know you or trust you
  3. You're probably just a shill for the PM they have come to respect and fear/hate

But, good practice is the foundation of successful team work. What to do?

1. Thats not how we do it.

Engineers love structure, mainly ones they have built themselevs; but people are susceptible to reason and there are good reasons for having process and standards which work. Adopting community standards is a strong pitch. Making this work relates strongly to point 2 and 3 but when starting there is good reason to open with a statement of intent that can be referred back to. Making this your opening statement is easier than trying to enforce it later when you've formed a realtionship. Also, by defining standards you're setting a tone.