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This is an outline how we're using the devel_config module to enable configuration in a way like a bit like features.


  1. to move away from having all config in 1 monolithic blob and into modules so that test and deploy are more manageable.
  2. Place config into git in a manageable way.
  3. Me...

I've recently started writing a front end for a complex configuration tool in React and following the (very good) React tutorial was confusing (why are we 'hoisting state'?) until I started investigating the fundamentals of functional programming a little more and started with So You Want to be a F...

I've tried all the flavours, nerdtree, vim vinegar, file beagle, netrw, everything I could find, and I found them all dissapointing for different reasons.

Vim vinegar is in many ways was the best, conforming to the Vim paradigm, but still basic file operations were clunky. Adding another Tim Pop...